5 Ways to Level Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Digital Marketing

Today’s digital marketing landscape is more complex than ever. Businesses need to target multiple audiences, cater to various devices and optimize for local search results. At the same time, you need to do it all without spending a fortune. Making your marketing strategy punch above its weight doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are several ways you can level up your digital marketing strategy without breaking the bank. Here are five things you need to implement today:

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to build a strong brand, content marketing is the way to go. It can improve your SEO, help to build relationships with your audience, and even generate leads. In order for content marketing to work, you need to have a clear strategy in place. This starts with choosing the right content type, such as blog posts, videos, eBooks, podcasts, or webinars.

Once you’ve decided on the type of content you want to produce, you need to map out your editorial calendar and decide what topics to cover. Next, you need to think about your publishing frequency. How often do you plan to publish new content? What’s the best cadence for your industry? Are there any holidays you should avoid publishing? How often do people read or watch content in your niche? How can you optimize your content to increase its chances of going viral?

Finally, you need to consider your distribution strategy. Where will you publish your content? How will you promote it? Who will you target with your content? What are the goals you want your content to achieve?

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a commonly used digital marketing strategy. They help you to target a specific audience, drive traffic to your website, and increase your conversions. There are several types of Facebook ads that you can use, including display ads, video ads, carousel ads, and even shopping ads. In order to run successful Facebook ads, you need a strong understanding of your audience and their purchasing journey.

You also need to know your business goals, including what you want to achieve with your ads. For example, do you want to drive traffic to your website, increase engagement on your page, or drive conversions via a click-to-buy action? If you want to run effective Facebook ads, you need to understand the difference between clicks and conversions.

Clicks refer to likes or clicks on your ad, while conversions relate to the number of sales you make or the number of people who complete a conversion action, such as signing up for a webinar.

Track Your Marketing ROI

If you want to understand how effective your marketing strategies are, you first need to track your marketing ROI. A good marketing ROI is more than calculating how much you spend on marketing and comparing it to how much you make. It also takes into account what you could have made without any marketing investment at all.

You can track your marketing ROI with Google Analytics. This will provide you with valuable information, such as how many people visit your website, where they’re coming from, and how long they stay. From there, you can track lead sources, goal conversions, and campaign performance. You also have access to a host of powerful tools, such as Google Attribution, Cohort Analysis, and Custom Reporting.

Integrate Paid and Owned Media

This is one of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2019. What this essentially means is that you need to integrate your paid and owned media channels. You can do this by promoting your content on your owned channels and paid channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. In order to integrate your paid and owned media channels, you need to come up with a campaign strategy.

You also need to decide which channels you want to target, and how you want to promote your content. Do you want to promote your content on all channels, or do you want to focus on a few key channels? Once you’ve decided on your campaign strategy, you need to come up with creative ways to promote your content.

You can do this by creating unique and eye-catching images and videos that link back to your content. You can also come up with catchy slogans and key takeaway messages that link back to your content.

Try Outsourced Digital Marketing Services

The landscape of digital marketing is always changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. If you’re pressed for time and need to level up your digital marketing strategy, you can outsource your marketing services. You can outsource almost any aspect of your digital marketing strategy including content creation, web design, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing.

You don’t have to look far to find digital marketing agencies. Simply type “outsourced digital marketing services” into Google, and you’ll find a list of potential agencies. When choosing an agency, make sure to do your research. Read reviews, interview a few agencies, and make sure you’re comfortable working with the agency.

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Bottom line

Marketing is a dynamic process, and it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. To level up your digital marketing strategy, you need to create a content marketing strategy, run Facebook ads, track your marketing ROI, integrate paid and owned media, try outsourced digital marketing services, and integrate paid and owned media. By keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends, you can create a stronger brand, increase your revenue, and reach a wider audience.